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Divine Vintage Dresses

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Vintage Clothing Restoration

Buyer & Reseller 1930’s-1950’s


Repairing & Restoring Vintage

At Divine Vintage Dresses we are passionate about restoring beautiful pieces of vintage clothing.

We literally have spent years working on vintage, deconstructing garments, studying fabric types, learning about the different eras and the impact society had on fashion.  By no means does this mean we know everything there is to know but we are proud of the fact that our knowledge is extensive and continues to grow.

What makes us different is that we understand and appreciate vintage!

We know what we can and can’t do with fabrics from different eras. Apples ain’t apples. Included in our restoration process is cleaning & dyeing.  Most of our cleaning is done in house, however the dyeing process needs to be done by experts in that field but we can certainly advise on it.

Whether it be a cotton summer 50’s dress or a formal beaded gown we do it all.

Buying Our Divine Vintage Dresses

Located along the beautiful Strathbogie Ranges lies the home of Divine Vintage Dresses, where you can choose from our stunning collection or have us restore your heirloom piece. We offer a highly personalised service and a love for the work that we do.

We understand the importance of being able to try on your dress before you buy it. If it doesn’t fit you perfectly but you love it, we offer a free consultation of our in-house alterations service. Sometimes we’ll even do the alterations for free!

Can’t get to Longwood, Victoria? Our clothing is now located at the following locations

The Vintage Drawer Newtown, Sydney NSW

Once More, With Feeling Seddon, Melbourne VIC

Chic to Chic boutique fashion South Albury, Regional NSW



Prefer to shop online? You can also visit our Etsy store for some fabulous clothes and accessories.


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