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Divine Vintage Dresses are proud of the work they produce.

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At Divine Vintage Dresses we are passionate about restoring damaged vintage dresses to their former glory.

When we first began our journey of restoring vintage dresses the one thing we found was how little there was out there in the way of dresses that had been restored.
We wanted authentic  but wearable vintage.  We found that things were either sold ‘as is’ (damaged) or the garment had been completely reconstructed.  Meaning that the garment was no longer true to its original appearance.
Our creative designer has had many years of experience restoring period homes and understands the importance of preserving of our history but also creating something that is useable.
When a vintage dress has become damaged and unwearable there is very little that it can be used for, but what a shame to cut it up or throw it away.

  • We believe in giving this once beautiful piece a new lease on life.  That is why it’s so important to us that the original look of the garment is maintained.  However, the garment needs to be wearable.  Often what this entails is adding to the existing garment.
  • The highest quality materials are used and particularly items that are sympathetic to the era; such as silk thread, silk fabric for the 1930s, glass beads for the 1920s. We do our research and where possible we will source other vintage items in the repair; like replacing a broken metal zipper with another metal zipper from that era.  Even when fabric is shredding we will find a way to repair it.  Often this work needs to be done by hand, we pay careful attention to the detail of our vintage dresses.
  • All of our divine vintage dresses are cleaned prior to shipping.  This can range from machine washing to dry cleaning. Basically what we’re looking for is a garment that is free from dirt and smells.
  • We are also fastidious about freezing every garment we purchase for up to a week to ensure that there are no lingering moths or silverfish just waiting for some new clothes to munch on.  Moths and other pests cannot survive at such a low temperature.

We hope that you love our divine vintage dresses as much as we do.  
By the time you receive your divine vintage dress, all you need to worry about is looking divine in it!




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