How much does made to measure cost?

If you’re looking at commissioning our services for your next special item of clothing then you’re probably wondering how much does made to measure cost?

Obviously there’s no quick answer to this question because there are so many factors that come into play. We can, however, give you a starting point to work from.

Our vintage inspired dresses fully lined, made from pure cottons and vintage patterns start from $400. Prices go up according to the following, but not necessarily in this order.

Quantity of fabric used

Quality of fabric used

Complexity of design (includes grading patterns)

Designs by Divine Vintage Dresses


A couture evening dress has a starting point of around $2000



We currently do mens shirts and vests (which look fabulous when teamed with your couture dress)

Shirts from $200

Vests from $300


We love vintage and all of our work is vintage inspired. Sometimes we make directly from a vintage pattern and sometimes we just take our inspiration from those patterns. All of our patterns are drafted by hand and we employ vintage sewing techniques. Everything we make is also fully lined.

We like our garments to look as good on the inside as they do on the outside

To give you an idea of what vintage sewing techniques are, here’s a list (not exhaustive)

metal zippers

lap zips

hook fasteners & hand stitched eye closures

hand stitched linings

Hem lengths no shorter than 26″ to accomodate crinoline petticoats

Vintage notions and trims used wherever possible 

Pinked seams

French seams

Buttonhole stitching

Prick stitching

Hand stitched hems

These are all techniques that you would expect to find on vintage garments. We don’t use an overlocker to finish our edges and would only deem it necessary if a particular fabric was prone to fraying. Even then the edges would be enclosed within the lining of the garment and you would never see it.

Our garments might be made new but our techniques are authentic…

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