Melbourne Cup Vintage Clothing Exhibition

Over the long weekend we put on a Melbourne Cup Vintage Clothing Exhibition!

After our June long weekend exhibition was so successful, we thought we might do another one. Slightly different, this time we incorporated a vintage afternoon tea into the equation. Of course we chose the beautiful setting of Maygars Vineyard to host the occasion.

Maygars Vineyard is a very lovely local award winning winery in Longwood! The perfect location, only 1km from the freeway it’s very popular for travellers driving on their way too and from Melbourne.

We had several floral dresses for our exhibition this time to mark the occasion of spring and we also included a couple of numbers that we made ourselves using vintage patterns. Horse racing was also a big part of the celebration as the well known Melbourne Cup was also on that weekend.

We even had an original set of 1950s racing silks on display!

There was plenty of food, drinks and prizes and the weather even decided to be a little cheery. One can never know what the weather will be like at this time of the year. At least we still had the opportunity to frock up and once inside the cellar door the weather doesn’t matter too much.

We’re very grateful to all who turned up for the occasion and to all those who dropped by over the weekend just to say hello.

We hope to be doing more of these in the future and here are some highlights of the day….

I chose to wear a 1950s reproduction custom made skirt by Divine Vintage Dresses. For more information on how you can have yours made please contact us.


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