Oaks Day Fundraiser in 50s Vintage

The Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival is really big in Australia.  I had the pleasure of attending a fundraising luncheon put on by Soroptimist International of Shepparton Inc.

I view any and all occasions as an opportunity to dress in vintage. I wouldn’t say I dress in vintage all the time but as often as practically possible. It was so much fun to work out what my outfit would be for the day.

Most of my effort went into my hat and my corsage. The dress I wore was a late forties / early fifties dress, it had a slight drop waist and princess seams. The colours of lavender and yellow and gold were perfect for the spring season. I have to thank my friend Deborah from The Vintage Drawer for my dress. Fortunately we had very lovely weather for it too.

My hat and my corsage were both vintage but not how they looked originally. I’m guessing that my straw hat was probably a seventies does thirties hat judging by the style and the weave. No label but very well made. It had one single rose stitched to the back of the brim and I suspect it wasn’t original. With a couple of snips it easily came off. I then had an old sixties hat that was covered in blooms, except that many of the yellow and gold blooms were missing and there were big gaps in the crown. Fortunately the colours were perfect for my outfit.

I set about carefully removing all the flowers from the sixties hat and rearranged them on to the seventies brim. With most of my work I prefer hand stitching over modern techniques and attaching the flowers to the hat was no different. I even incorporated the gold fabric lining from the sixties hat into my new creation.  There were many flowers left over so in true forties style I created a corsage to wear on my left shoulder. I took my inspiration from the cover sketch of a forties pattern I own.

You can pick up so many great ideas from the cover of vintage dress patterns.

I was also extremely fortunate to wander into a little shop in the town of Euroa called Mi Creations. The perfectly coloured glass & polymer beaded necklace was handcrafted and looked incredibly vintage. All I needed was a pair of earrings to match. No problem! Tania from Mi Creations just made me up a pair.

My shoes were from my favourite label ‘Remix’. You just can’t go past them for quality, style and authenticity. They were less fifties and more thirties but I think they just looked fabulous with my outfit.

Of course no vintage outfit is complete without a pair of seamed stockings. Mine are from leg magic and I only own the one pair. I need to find out where I can buy more of them from. They’ve lasted me a good long while and I simply love them.

I topped off my outfit with white wrist gloves and a lucite box purse.

It was so lovely to see all the ladies dressed up for the day. I attended the luncheon with my Auntie Gracie who is a dressmaker and has been for decades. She made her own stunning rock and roll style dress and I look forward to creating our own designs with her in the future.


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