Tara Moss

I just found out that Tara Moss bought one of my restored pieces through The Vintage Drawer in Sydney.  As it turns out the 1940s black jacquard butterfly print house robe was used in a photoshoot for Laud Beauty Magazine.  It was at this time that Tara Moss took a liking to the piece and decided to buy it.

I don’t always remember to photograph my restored pieces, but in this case I actually have a photo of myself wearing it at The Vintage Drawer. The photo is pre restoration. The original colour of this gown was lavender. As beautiful as it sounds, the robe was actually stained despite the fact that I had soaked it for days on end.  I can guarantee that this dress was clean, it was just unfortunate that it had yellow age spots in various locations. They were truthfully barely visible but this isn’t the kind of quality I like to sell so I sent it away to be professionally dyed.

When it came back, it was absolutely stunning. This was one of those occasions where I know I made the right decision in dyeing it. Dyeing is a risk and it doesn’t always work out the way you think it will. Of course there was some minor stitching that needed to be done but that’s all part of what I do.  I was so pleased that this garment had taken on a new lease of life.

Mission accomplished!


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